The value of sharing symbolism and metaphor to describe the healing journey has been a significant aspect of my work.  At the beginning of my career, almost 40 years ago, I had not chosen a name for my practice.  What resonated with me however was an anonymous writing about the 'Sacred Tree' which I will share.

"The Sacred Tree is well grounded with healing power, wisdom and security.  It's many branches represent the journey toward understanding and inner peace.  Like the seasons, the seeds from the fruit will fall and transform into a myriad of wonderful gifts.  All of this symbolizes a process of becoming whole and achieving well-being; emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually."

From this beautiful metaphor, the name of my practice emerged as 'SoulSpring Counselling'.  The meaning behind SoulSpring comes from a belief that we all enter into times when our soul is cleansed and transformed; where letting go and creating new beginnings are part of the seasons of life.  It is my purpose and my privilege to empower all those who enter this journey with hope and the belief in their potential for wholeness and healing.

Every aspect of my work with client's is centered around facilitating healing at the deepest level and to empower them to remember who they are at the level of their soul - whole, worthy, and wise.  

I am truly honoured to be a guide on your journey and grateful for the privilege of being able to work together. 

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