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Welcome!  This page has been inspired for two reasons.  First, in my meditation practice, I often like to use a Mala - or Prayer Beads, to recite repetitions of a mantra.  It encourages focus when the 'mind wanders' to return to the counting of the beads and the mantras being said.  My first Mala was very inexpensive, and I really didn't pay attention to what the beads were but rather wanted it to support my spiritual practice of meditation. I learned that traditional Malas have 108 beads - a number of spiritual significance in many sacred texts.

In the last five years or so, I noticed that some specialty stores carried elaborate creations of prayer beads in many different stones and some with amulets or tassels.  I realized that many may be worn as a beautiful jewelry accessory and not necessarily part of meditation at all.   Then in 2017 I found myself having a lengthy, unexpected recovery from surgery and was away from work for 3 months.  During that time, I asked a friend if she would take me to a beading store as I needed a 'project' to work on, something to pass the time while I was recovering.  I didn't really have anything specific in mind, but remember that I felt like a child in a candy store looking at all the semi-precious stones.  I have always been creative, and might even say I am 'crafty' so wanting to make something was not foreign to me.  But, to make jewelry posed a challenge that I was determined to overcome!  You see, I have a condition called 'Essential Tremors' and it means that my hands can shake - particularly with very deliberate and intentional movement.  When my hands are at rest, no one would know that they shake - but when I want to do very precise movements - like put tiny beads through a needle and thread them, well, let's just say, the beads might go all over the place!

In spite of this, I discovered something that was completely therapeutic, relaxing and that I could literally do for hours!  I didn't start off thinking that it would become a passion - nor did I have intention to put them on something like Etsy to sell (no they are not on there!).  I simply found pleasure in making them, and enjoying them - and using them for meditation.  I have made many Malas - most of them for me, but then I started to get requests - from my mother, my friends, their daughters, my colleagues and clients.  Recently I was in my 'soul-home', Sedona, AZ, and the owner of a thriving business told me she would like to sell my Mala's in her store.  A month after my return, I had people stopping me on the street and my local health food store asking me where I got my Mala!  I believe that the Universe sometimes gives us a sign or a gentle nudge and I try to pay attention to that.  Whether it is or isn't,  I am going to see all of it as a sign!  

I decided that I love making them so much why not share them with those who want to have their own custom Mala for whatever practice they have or simply to wear with a favourite outfit.   As I teach meditation and other wellness seminars, I do sell them there, but aside from this page that you are on - I do not have cards or a specific website to sell my Malas.  Since I have this website up and running and it's part of meditation, I am offering a 'viewing' on this page by clicking the link, you can see photographs of what I make.  I cannot imagine making any of them in advance or 'bulk' so to speak - I want to customize it to what YOU desire, what your intention is for the Mala - what stones resonate and what you are hoping to create energetically by wearing them or using them for prayer.  

A name came to me and I am calling this new found passion:

~ Enlightened Lotus Designs ~

Custom Malas for your Sacred Practice

The cost of the custom Mala is dependent on the semi-precious stones you select, the amulet, or tassel and all other materials required and the time to create your unique design. It may be interesting to note that I have a ritual that I do when I make the Mala. I start with meditation, centering myself, and being mindful of the intention that you want your Mala to be infused with. Then each bead is lovingly strung while I listen to or recite various mantras. You will receive a note indicating the properties of the stones, instructions on how to use a Mala and how to care for it.

Should there be an unforeseen flaw in the silk thread or beads, I will be happy to restring your precious Mala.

I look forward to hearing from you if you have any questions or would like to meet so that we can create a special Mala hand made with love, for you.


Sample Malas xoxo


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