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Tinnitus Management

Throughout Deborah's career, she has always had a special interest in Health Psychology.  In 2002 she developed an area of specialization and expertise in the field of Tinnitus Management.  Up to that point the majority of tinnitus treatment focused on the 'physical' aspects of the condition in an attempt to address the 'sound', with many people hearing that they just needed to 'live with it'.  In reality, individuals experiencing tinnitus not only wish they could eliminate the sound but also want validation for the countless ways that it can impact other aspects of life: emotionally, cognitively, occupationally, socially, physically and for some, spiritually.  To essentially learn to live alongside the sound, there needs to be guidance and a road map on how to do that.

Deborah created a Tinnitus Self-Management Program that was designed to teach self control techniques on how to reduce emotional distress, regain a sense of personal mastery and improve quality of life.  With her colleague, Suzanne MacLaren, a Registered Audiologist with almost 35 years experience, they created a two day Tinnitus Management Workshop (TMW) unlike any that exists.  The workshop is extremely comprehensive as it looks at the audiological, neurophysiological and psychological aspects of tinnitus.  There is medical evidence-based research that supports the efficacy of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to reduce tinnitus related distress.  By developing skills to manage tinnitus, individuals can turn despair into hope and anguish into acceptance.  Learning to control and change the meaning given to the sound and therefore the reactions to it, people report a sense of control again and ability to redirect their attention to the other aspects of life that are important.  If you are reading this here on the SoulSpring Counselling website, please click the link below, which will take you directly to her tinnitus specific website called Hope For Tinnitus.  This website is dedicated to her work with tinnitus and programs that are offered as well as other information.  Please also look forward to her Hope For Tinnitus Workbook, available soon.


You will be able to connect through that website if you have any tinnitus specific questions as well as you could write me directly at: [email protected]


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